Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Hot Chocolate Gift Jars!

     MERRY CHRISTMAS PEOPLE!!! I'm so excited about the holiday season! Christmas is just around the corner, and some of us (including me) don't have all our gifts ready to be dispersed yet. I was on the way to town the other day to pick up some new knobs for my dresser, when I remembered that I had seen this idea on Pinterest recently and had noted that I wanted to try it this year. I did a little price checking while I was in the store, and found that I could do a dozen of these adorable little jars for about $30-$40 dollars. I picked up some wide mouthed, quart sized mason jars(which they annoyingly sold separately, so I couldn't use my %40 coupon on the case), some ribbon and matching Christmas crafting paper for the lids. When I went to the grocery store, I got two giant hot chocolate cans, a bag of marshmallows, three bags of Hersey's kisses(which I pulverized in the food processor). On the way to the checkout, I saw a box of a dozen beautiful candy canes, which I added to the jars, and really made them look special! I put all the jars together in about an hour or two.

   I ended up giving the dozen to ladies at our church, and they all loved them! What a pretty, affordable, and easy gift to give out to family and friends!

Madam Mocha

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