Friday, November 29, 2013

Madam Mocha

     This new little blog is for getting out creative ideas, and sharing my experiences with the world. I am by no means an intellectual, and I'm not even very good at grammar, but I have some things that I think you might find interesting and even helpful.

I'll be writing about ~
  • My life and experiences as a Christian
  • New recipes that I may or may not have already tried.
  • Home remodeling and decorating
  • Recommendations on books, music and clean shows.
  • ...And probably a lot of other stuff too
      I love to cook. I bake cakes, cookies, and other little pastries for friends and family, and love to find a new recipe to try! I love to play music. I have been playing the piano for many years now and would love to teach one day when I have the time. I am also a self taught cellist. I like to play classical music and old christian hymns. I often like to garden when it is not too hot, and take great pleasure in keeping a fresh pot of flowers by the front door. I also love taking pictures with my handy-dandy little camera. I take pictures mostly of our God's marvelous creation!

Hope you'll drop in every once in a while and check out my new posts!

Madam Mocha

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